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It is a leisure activity conducted by community artist. To achieve the target our talent and talent in the process of giving such work the high hand.

It is before us, all of us; rejected, the success, non-union or union artist, good or bad equipment, and services are paid and sometimes they have even hampered by lack. In our schools, in-room safes, which is never an advantage for us to want to.

The first time, to a group of people here, for you understand 100 percent. Why is it so? Only because we actually would have to concentrate at the present time, the person casting operate credit has worked very single purpose of profit which difficult to the talent. We can say that, not more! Please, include in ours. To invite you to help us reach our goal.



CASTING MIND, A full proposal on all sides, all entertainment solutions have been constructed and we only talent database the user site. By registering, with us all talent-unionized, non-unionized, youth, the representations can be made of adults, or non-representation and give equal opportunity to work. Head directors and creative head, individual casting director, a production house for a contact become available; we have directly by us best talent.

If you called the casting are here, then you lose our time.  Although our search engine talent of debate. Search Engine is easy for the use of Talent hunters that our industry. CREATIVE  search engine with us, in the head and by the directors of your credit you can find, agent or manager in many cases, also can not, or the search for creativity in the head cannot by providing basic information that you.  

We are the only information for the participants, one full free database for explaining arts.



This service is for all talent, and screen talent, theater talent, institutions, commercial successes, or additional. It is not for us it is important, if the amateur or experienced talent



When the talent, and we know how to live that with difficulty. Also, know that the last thing we need is an additional service, we offer a "wide" for an immediate start in our career. For this reason, we have only online casting service with minimum fees and engage in support with your job search. There are no charges for sending photos, a personal record, the demo reel, or the BIOS. Neither do we wish to load, us for our casting calls or ion control aspects.

Only in numbers we you the first-class website with great functions, but we do work also on the offers of third manufacturers This will help you to the favorable market price for business cards, Headshots, postcards and anything else, you can the acting career. Remember, it is not, in any case, be obliged them, of services on demand! We are simply tracks and left, which may facilitate the everyday life for you.



Unfortunately, the participants often fall for nonsense. In CASTINGMIND we have online tools to show you, what happened to your profile after submitted by ourselves. You can check to see if it was accepted and be watching, and so on. So you not only that you have sent to demo projects. Your job is of crucial importance in our service long life! The only way we can make a real change is that if you do not pay for casting call. Why? Simple: If you do not pay coordinators, to collect more money 

CastingMind, Indian models celebrities top international professional models agency. Portfolio photography best modeling casting agencies in Mumbai India.

Models, Artist those interested in modeling and acting meet coordinators and casting director with your profile.
Register  yourself as a model and register your  portfolio pic on and get known models auditions and opportunity for models 
CastingMind, as a modeling agency working in India, we have posted on our wall modeling audition, models requirement opportunity and others models opportunity 
casting networks,  at our Agency CastingMind, we have casting networks with may production house and Individual Casting Director, casting networks its extremely important for every Casting or models Agency , castingmind has good casting networks in India, especially in Mumbai and Delhi, casting networks its not more than link with industry, as a talent, casting networks its absolutely necessary, strapping  casting networks its important to talent hunter as well as talents  



The casting notices, which are included in our site is preeminently by itself. We take no responsibility for their content. Anyone can after a casting call. As our side we make sure as much we can that talent hunters must be from the profession. Always use caution if you a new audition. If you are a minor, you must ask a parent or guardian to participate in them. And CastingMind does not take responsibility or guarantee for each type of work. Quite simply, we have talent as an online portfolio to help them achieve much talent hunters at the same time and better way


Website owners - if you have found a casting notice that violated copyright, contact us directly and we delete.

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