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An Actor

One of the main actors is suspected a former called Thespis Greek landscape of this. A story we said, landscape Thespis dithyrambiques went from the beginning and said as a separate character. Before landscape thespis, choir narrateur (for example, "Dionysos has said this, Dionysos," ). If landscape thespis went from the beginning (year 12 BC), he said as the type (e.g. "I am Dionysus. I have the" ). The landscape thespis thespis word" draws its name.

Acting requires a wide range of responsibilities, including projection, clarity of speech signals expressivite physics, emotional, establishment of well developed dramatic interpret the imagination and ability. is also often requires a capacity dialects employ, priorities and the language of the body, improvisation, observation and competition, mime and stage combat. Many train length special programs or colleagues the development of these competences, and today the vast majority of the professionals involved have undergone intensive training exercises. Even if a player can have multiple years of training, they seek to be lessons learned from the experience, cinema and theater world in development and for this reason the player must be more day possible. Players often have many professors and teachers for comprehensive training, but not only to sing, the stage of the work, monologue techniques, consultation, and technical and work Partner.