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As if looks on the incest theme


Incest and if! In effect? In any case not a subject we connected to our good old masala movies. But if it is not exactly track protected from the pattern. IF speaking, but he is little, but there is enough to establish a differentiation of a discussion if the methods of management with the theme incest.

I opens with three films has not been box office, because it says in the implicit incest. bambai KA have design (1960), and Metal (1991), zameer (1975) were all great films of a flag Dear Star Cast. In effect, there was no incest in the film, but the subject has been an incestuous underlying meanings. bambai KA and having had zameer similar stories. In both films, the torque has been an error as two brothers of the society. But there has been no family linked among themselves and with the public was at the height, from the outset. While bambai KA has tragic was completed zameer had a happy end. And metal, a young man from the love of a woman ages, which is not known in all on its feelings and ends finally with his daughter. Public opinion was embarrassing in the relationship between them because he "as his father".

The three films, I have already mentioned, has nothing to do with incest, but also the powers that it has been rejected. Today, it is time for expressions of incest on his screen. Let me begin Manoj Motwani-based eye surgeon Naidu De Klerk. At the reception, we had a father had raped a girl, no, and stored as-A, after the truth. staff member have been issued. But, later, has acquired a cult status in particular on the basis of sajid Khan TV-comedy Kehne Mein Kya Harj Hai it the famous film for ham performances and the wrong direction.

Nalini jayant's early film de Behen (1949) is the story of an obsession with brother, wanted full control of his sister and allows you to do so, by putting all its relations with men. There is certainly not sex; the brother's obsession with the sister has strong sexual elements. de béhen has good business in the box office.

1947, A film name "bhanwar, is intense with the theme incest. A revision of the film HAS THE MOTION PICTURE magazine has identified a "perverse subject". bhanwar is the story of the three friends since their childhood, a woman and two men. After having chosen, one of the friends decision to marry with it in their home. But their marriage has not been satisfied and that she pointed out that it is little by little in love with the other friend. Later, she has one night stand with him as her husband. In the end, it seems that her husband long since lost his brother, which allows the man who really loves. It is interesting that the criticism was confused on the different levels of all in the film and did not know what was expected. The heroin deceived its men, is committed, incest, and are always to live happily ever after. In effect, bhanwar ends happily for the whole of the man by his brother; he is also another young girl. It is not difficult to see why bhanwar citizens would have horror. The film refuses to punish the victims of an honest error, in effect, the options and a happy life. If it is still today, it designates the starting point of bhanwar immoral. All the signs bhanwar involuntary in serious moral code, the ideal that they have had to be destroyed. On the contrary, they could not continue with what she had done, and the film also the cancellation of the debt for.

Of anurag kashyap is that girls in the yellow boots (2010) also the theme incest or the girls do not know that she "Main-Job" to their father. This is the story of a girl, in India his father, a life of massager and power extra money by the “Main-Jobs ".  His father knows who it is regular, and their customers. The film deals directly with the problem of incest in the family in which the father has abused and impregnated with their older sister, and there was now a sexual with it. It was a courageous film, but also to the body is not, contrary to monsoon wedding (2001) and the success is also directly talking about incest and the sexual abuse of children.

Allow me to conclude, with a movie name "rakhi Sarkar (1949) on the baburao patel, the responsible of the filmindia said: "rakhi Sarkar, the latest Prakash against photographs, is entirely positive because it begins with a terrible idea of illegal immigration sexual relationship between a brother and a sister." Patel then conducted polemics around the religion of the author of film. "It is a history, the writer of a Muslim lucknavi shums, a Muslim and as such in first marriage believers of cousins, is not the holiness of the relationship between a brother and a sister observed by the Hindus. Even the slightest shadow on the sacred relationship to this situation and in average Hindu. And has still not convinced by a Islamic writer, the Hindus and the producers hinduistische director have contributed to this proposal, dreckigen on the screen and any logic, that the cinema is not without him has preferred." (filmindia, March 1950, p. 57).  First, there is no incest in the film, it is reasonable and patel mentioned to the writer Islamic "without religion" values. He is in total denial of the fact that incest, Universal. Instead of that, he has it not Islamic writer is damaged the two Hindus in this film. patel, all the possibilities for the continuation of the debate on the subject. This deliberate process of "cleaning" is not surprising. There are values which wish to inform each culture and to protest against incest is almost in all cultures. However, there is a big difference between a little unlike the secret and refuse. patel is clearly not the difference. The implausible that even today a large number of people would probably be oci patel's opinions of incest. I hope he is not stop filmmaker during the exploration of the area of shadow remains in a large part is.



Bollywood Superstar Opens Up About Her Struggle With Depression, Anxiety


Washington - in the eyes of the public, the actress is deepika padukone has in these past two years at the head of their career. She has played in two of the greatest movies Indians of "all the time, several honours for his works and has begun by his first round world.


But padukone has shown Thursday, in spite of its success, found internal has itself or it depression and anxiety. Read a little bit of hardware Times, the actress is fighting to attract in the bed, in search of assistance and of the urgency of the mental health account in India.

"I thought it was the stress, I have tried, i am distracted by the work is focused and its environs himself with the people who have helped us. But the feeling that it is not track", said padukone. "My breathing is flat, I have a lack of concentration and load I have often."

It was only after the opening of the mother padukone has added that it professional assistance. A diagnosis psychology depression and the fear and gave the two therapies and medicines. padukone said first of all against the use of medicines, but have together after a second opinion.

The actress of a willingness to speak openly of their struggle is particularly important in India, where the number of suicides is the strongest in the world. According to the World Health Organization, the young Indians are more threatened by suicide, with 35.5 deaths by these 100,000 between 15 and 29 years. Although many factors contribute to the high rate of suicide, the stigma around mental health illnesses such as depression , for a large part largely undiagnosed and thus untreated.

Padukone, who is 29, is this part of what their motivation in mental health, aggravated by the own girlfriend committed suicide last year for depression. The vote comes at a turning point in India, where the government an ambitious policy in October to a general supply psychiatric in the country.

The Indian parliament must still approve it. In December, the Health Care budget was close to 20 per cent, frustrating LAWYERS AND HAVE questions on the government's commitment to fight against the nation Mental Health endemic.

Padukone said he wished their own plan of action to raise awareness of depression and fear, especially, by invoking the need to combat stigma, since long surrounded by mental diseases in India. "I see the people who are suffering and their families a sense of shame, which is not useful. We must understand and support", she.

In a country where distinguished guests in the first rank padukone humanization of the apocalypse can depression for more than a billion fans and lead to what more activism around mental health problems.

There is a distinction between sad and has resulted in many respects is the message to send.

"The reaction is more frequent: "How can we? They have everything for . an exclusive at home, in the car, movies, that do we want to go further? "Depression, padukone concludes: "Not of what you do or not."



It is for this reason that I converted: the transformation of Dilip Naidu in AR Rahman


If dileep Naidu decides the believe does in a new, the reasons were different. The death of his father had several financial pressures to the family, four children. Its mentally ill-face was a mother and we have a huge encourages, a Sufi saint, Peer karimullah Shah qadri. And it is fighting with the large and small problems identity: there was the name, it has been born, it was in search of a direction and purpose, and that he wanted the matter on his professional future. This man is now known as allahrakha Rahman, one of the main composers India. It explains the decision of the conversion and the impact that he had transformed on these extracts of ar Rahman the spirit of the music of Nasreen munni feast.

How sufismus their life influence?

He taught me that, as the rain and the sun made no difference between the people, we must not do. This is that they friendship between cultures, you will understand that there is a lot of good people in all the commons.

Has your faith in the spirituality THAT IF SHE AND HER FAMILY before the difficult moments?

Yes, in any case. My mother was a practice hinduistische . My mother is always ready mentally. We had hinduistische religious pictures on the walls of the road habibullah Assembly in which we grew up. It is also an image of the Mother Maria Jesus in the poor countries, and a complete table of the holy places in Mecca and Medina.

For 1986, ten years after that my father was dead, we still had time for the qadri saaheb once more. The Peer was sick, and my mother was him. He envisaged that a daughter. There is a strong link between us. I have ten-nine, and there are efforts, musicians and a seance language jingles.

Has the peer, ask you to Islam?

No, he has not. Nobody is obliged, on the track of the sufismus. They cannot follow, when it comes to thy heart. A year after the session saaheb qadri, for 1987, has drawn up to we of habibullah track of the kodambakkam, at home or we still have. If we left, I had to think about what Jesus Christ, of peace said to him: "I wish that they were cold and hot. As well, it because thou art, neither hot nor cold, i will spoke of my mouth."

What I have understood of the question was that it is best to select a track. The Sufis track mentally stressed the two, my mother and I, and we have found that it is the best way for us, because we have adopted Islam Sufis.

Are you aware that they believe that their impact on their relations with other people?

My family was at work, and we are dependent on others. person for us very well, we have musicians and we have been more social freedom.

It is more important for me that I learned that the equality and of the divine unity. No matter that they a winners or losers, the techniques, sooner or later, rich or poor, sinners and sacred, find or well, regardless of the colour they are, God showers unlimited ladies and charity for us, if we are doing this choice, they receive. Is it because our powerlessness our blindly into the unknown, we recommend.

The network, many VERSIONS OF how do you like AR Rahman. What is the real story?

The truth is that I have never found my name ETC. Not a lack of respect for the artist’s dilip Naidu HAS! But in one way or the other is not my name to the image, I had myself.

Sometimes before we started our journey on the road to the sufismus which have marked, we received an astrologer to show him my youngest sister is the horoscope, because my mother wanted their marriage. It was approximately at the same period as I have not my name and change a new identity. The astrologer looks at me and said: "This chap is very interesting."

He proposed the Name: "Abdul Rahman" and "Abdul Rahim for" and stated that the two names would be a good thing for me. I thought all of suite the name "Rahman." It was a Hindu astrologer; they told me my sentenced name.

My mother had this intuition that i "allahrakha" of God preserved), and I have been AR Rahman.



Meghna gulzar has explained that they participate in the aarushi Talwar killing is only an adoption by its parents



Meghna gulzar has explained the A-A project on nyoda report the aarushi talwar murder case, is apparently a project by the murdered girls parents Dr. nupur and Dr rajesh talwar, he is now in jail.

An insider revealed: "It is a very sensitive subject. The pressure on the least sensationalistic suggestions and accusations that aarushi was assassinated by his own parents; the film was inspired by the defence for the parents. Yes, the murder and the investigation that resulted from impurities, in order of the parents"; position meghna gulzar has explained the film."

It seems that the deceased girls aunt Vandana talwar, a campaign to show that the parents the innocence, of all these documents as regards the parents.

"There are some pieces of aarushi parents perspective especially Study-adaptation, the scripts Meghna the film was of suppliers. These served as a basis for the act. The cinema is in effect for the parents argue the innocence."

While konkona sen sohum Sharma and Shah aarushi parents play, seems taboo plays aarushi aunt. irrfan Khan plays the officer consider the issue.


And what are the fears bipasha Basu, the Queen of horror?


In a sector which, in general very reserved on them as it aging, bipasha basu has itself which has invented, to begin by sex symbol THE QUEEN OF horror", a kind, most of the major STAR to avoid. Basu, 35, has already proven its worth in various who’s these past few years. basu the most recent is a Thai as much of the film "only" for a woman who is dead twin Chase itself and her husband. She spoke to Reuters on the film, why they horror, and their greatest fear in Real LIFE.

Q: Can you tell us something about the role of the "only”?

A: "only" is a triangular history. It is a little bit unique in its kind and is clearly distinguishable from the other movies, because as the result of the horror, the third element is a person dead. There is a man, woman and a daughter died. The dead girls, Ms. sister and love the same two men. What is interesting for me a ARE HOWEVER? As it is today, are difficult to play as make-up, aesthetics, language, everything is different. But ARE HOWEVER A was more difficult, because they are associated, a body double. In my case, it was once, it was to join, and this is not a time an actress, he has not been able you give once me duce. It is a difficult process, scenes in which I have a after the match siamesischer said. It is of two young different girls, who are in a crisis of their marriage, and the other a little that in Love. they kill.

They have a very large number whose. Why is it so?

A: I would have 35 good and around five films this in a career of 14 years. Yes, these five films in back-to-back, but it is the fact that horror films are now in a-list. The elderly, for you, because we had films like the Ramsay brothers. We have today the age come and many special effects in our country. Also, you have the possibility, very different stories in which the actress must not the girlfriend. She can act, can you with the film. In the world in which Survival-horror -kind puts the emphasis on women and children, because they show better weaknesses on its screen. As far as I am concerned, I am not choosing the genre films. I choose the character. In my case, it was a pure accident, that three films are back-to-back horror films, and they adopted and well done. Most of the actors in our society timid horror movies because these movies have been observed. Everyone wants to be certain of this operation. But I am always on a soil. I always have a little strange in my career. It is not a plan exists, and then I will simply for my feeling and, sometimes, for me, and sometimes they are not, but that is in order.

Q: there is a fear, the classes-typecast?

A: 14 years ago, they can classes-typecast. You cannot so long ago. Everyone knows that it is the point of the talent and personality. After a point, it may not. I have all types of films -- film IT, funny movie, and serious films.

Q: Is kind likes or you this film?

A: if i him do not benefit, I am not doing. There is not a pistol to the head. I am a little earlier from note that some two-three songs OR THESE really well aussehender held. I invite you to do more, and this film gives me the opportunity to do so, I will continue to do so. In "aatma", for example, I played a mother single parent families. In "raaz 3 ", i has played an aging actress. What are the tasks that it is not in the normal procedure masala movies?

F: she believes in the paranormal phenomena?

A: I think the really. Otherwise I do not think that I am really afraid to the screen. The Children's Law, I have a fear girls. I think that my parents are to me a quantity of because I was a only. I have many fears, and i have never managed to overcome them

Q: What is your greatest fear?

A: I think that should have been face-to-face with someone if anjanaa (the spirit of "only”).  I think that I would like to die, or at least wave. If i then still the light of the kitchen, it is very worrying.

Q: Have you in the perspective of horror films?

A: I like, but i have never anything, always. I have in hand, my eyes conclude and someone else asks what is happening on its screen.

F: you have the so-called horror QUEEN OF is. It is a title that they love?

A: I love everything as long as it is a compliment. They can phone me. There are a lot of people who have difficulties nothing in this sector. If you give me a mark, I am glad. And if I can the credibility of Survival-horror genre, and a crossword puzzle, I have nothing against i have nothing. As long as the public opinion which benefit the films and deserve their money?

Q: all the plans of the governed or letter you movies?

A: I said that I gave him a director. I have even started to write a film, but I grew up and have recognized that the task of a director is very difficult. I am unpredictable, so that I do not know what I will do in the future. I love my life a little, and i can-it as it is a.

Question: Where do they work?

A: I have only one film at a time. I will the work of a film name "problems"; it is a part life movies, and the history of family.

Q: How can a pause of my great horror?

A: I am on the track to a pause because I am tired of answers to the questions, why i that really films. My seven year old niece ENTERED AND me gegrillte me it is for this reason that I also have this film. My answer, why I am an operation in a film.


What would be the best candidate images with the sub-title if Hollywood was FAIR?


In the case that a movie Studio had not second idea on the name of their Oscar-nominated films, collegehumor is here also help.

The comedy site has published its annual list of the proposal of "rightly" for the Academy Awards' BEST PICTURE Nominees.

Please note that we do not say "fair politically correct title." hereinafter compliance changed the name and posters of "American sniper", "jugendfreund" and "the theory of everything."




4 Indian actors Star in Garth Davis's next film "Lion”?


"JAL" actress tannishtha chatterjee will soon begin the images for their next Hollywood project "Loewge", that other Indian actor’s nawazuddin Siddiqui, priyanka Bosc and Student Deepti naval. Pull begins to Calcutta, on Saturday.


The film is the adaptation of the book "The long path toward the Assembly", writing of Indian shopping Australian Saroo Brierley. The book tells about the separation from his mother and as it has been of a Australian family.

"The movie is based on a real quotation. He is a young lost, will be approved by a couple Australian. The trip to Calcutta after Tasmania: “said Mr. Ian tannishtha's innovation.

Governed Garth Davis, the film is of Australia sea-saw film.

Although, tannishtha has not betrayed a lot on their role, she has said that he will certainly be a turning point and a surprise for all.

"My role in the film is very important. It is a miracle in the history. Change the act", said tannishtha, whose film "JAL" has an important place in the long list of Oscar 2014 in two categories: best film, best original score.

The parties’ information on the images tarpaulins, tannishtha said: "the opening of "The Lion" will begin on January 17 in Kolkata. It is expected that you the theatre at the end of the year."

The film stars of Hollywood actors Nicole Kidman and DEV patel.

According to the registries Calcutta, according to the information provided in Australia.

Tannishtha has already been published in international films, including "treasures of the world" (recognition), "Brick Lane" and "Anna Karenina in".



"Hawaizaada" is not the Biopic: ayushmann khurrana"


Ayushmann khurrana actors, is preparing for the release of his next film "hawaizaada", has said that his film is based on the true story of researchers shivkar bapuji talpade but it is not a film biografischer.

In the film ayushmann shivkar bapuji talpade plays the role of the, during the part of the principle that built the first driver and non-Indian aircraft 1895.

"I cannot ( "hawaizaada" film of biopic because nothing is known on his person (shivkar talpade).  Do you know on milkha Singh, you know Maria bowl (Mc Maria M. Feldhaus), do you know of Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi), do not know of shivkar talpade. Yes, technically, this is not a WITH THEIR ayushmann", said Mr. Ian's innovation.

"But of course, it is based on real events. And I am sure that the people want", he added.

What is the best, what is "hawaizaada", ayushmann said: "The best thing in this film is the novelty of the scripts. The liner, man, the first aircraft was a native American. This is the new discoveries."

"Except that the presentation of the film. It offers them very international Ambiente, International Flair, each image of the movie seems like a painting. The dialogs are very well", he added.

Place under the direction of vibhu puri, "hawaizaada" has also mithun Chakraborty, pallavi sharda phones in roles. The film is fast 30 Jan. , 2015.


Shah Rukh Khan has a new toy and he is very happy


A Shah Rukh Khan was obviously not enough for everybody.

Recently, Red chilies vfx, Tea effects segment of the Khan enterprises red chilis, in the world first Life-size 3D model PRINTED, Khan, in collaboration with autodesk India.

The model nude Khan impression in his posture classical romanticism with its poor minimum widely open as he has the eyes on the road. 

It is like a gift for Khan, and obtained a great offer of appreciation, for the actors:

"This is the first 3D-printed the model which redchillies vfx.und autodesk team. It is narcotic drugs as technology is before. I am glad that a part of this great technology. It is very well and I am already delighted terribly to my children. It is a money and brilliant statue of my classic in my Poznan. I thank keitan, Harry, Red chilies vfx-team members and autodesk team, who have contributed to it. It is the image of work, that I have done for all the years to come", said Khan.

A happy here Khan can be seen with the model in a series of verspielten.



"Transformers" led later raiding's "MORE-OF" List


"Transformers: age endangered' roll with most of the appointments this year at the age of gold Raspberry excellent.

The action sequel" with Mark Wahlberg more morphing robots-led all films on Tuesday with seven nominations, including more bad image, the worst thing sequel, more box scenario and worst screen Combo.

"Transformers" is also the worst director Michael Bay, the worst actress for Nicola Peltz and actress of Kelsey grammer, who was also known for its support components in "VV 3 ", "legends of Oz" and "think like a man."

This year the more bad image nominees are Kirk is's "Christmas", "left behind", "The legend of the choice of Hercules" and "girls yet, , THESE turtles. " [.

Freedom of religion-comedy "Christmas" and kellan Lutz action film "Legend of the choice of Hercules" - the two were six appointments, which we actors of IS and Lutz.

The candidates for the worst screen Combo is and of his ego in "store Christmas""; Seth Macfarlane AND features Charlize Theron in "A million ways to the West", two robots, actors (or robots actors) in "transformers", is Diaz and Jason sails in "sex tape"; and Lutz and his ABS, (or dispose of "Legend of the choice of the Hercules."

The razzies, which started in 1980 as "false" of Hollywood Awards season, a new category this year, the rescuers raiding Award" recognizes that the former winners.

The inaugural redeemer look appointed Award" are: am market mode, of Affleck have praised both for the "ARGO" and "missing" girls victors of the worst "actors for 2004 for "Gigli", "daredevil" and "content", Jennifer Aniston prefers for his Screen Actors Guild Award" nomination for "cake" after four raiding acquiesced; Mike Myers for merit as the director of our "supermensch" three winners razzies for "Love preferred" in 2008 six-time Razzie nominee Keanu Reeves for rebounding with 'John Wick'; and 'Twilight' star and former Razzie recipient Kristen Stewart for earning rave reviews for the indie film 'Camp X-Ray.'


The razzies announced Thursday, Oscar nominations.


The winners of the 35. Annual razzies will be selected, vote online by 757 members of the Organization. They are, in country Montalban and Theater on 21 February, the evening of the 87. Academy Awards.

While much less stars as another distinction shows, these recent raiding beneficiaries, such as Halle Berry and Sandra thanks, in the person to accept jest gold spray PAINT price.


Aamir Khan's "PK" breaks all records, large RS 611 crore in the world


Despite all the conflicts and obstacles, the different religious groups, Aamir Khan's "HP" has proven itself as a winner of the greater. "HP" with anushka Sharma HAS Measures extrapolated to RS 611 crores in the world.

Mr. perfection is not to vote for the blow on the head, but they benefit the success of the film. rajkumar hirani has in any case to and over a period of six.

The film deserves rs.6.85 crore the first day of the release in India and rs11.58 crore in the first weekend. At the end of the third week, the film was even more rs305.27 crore in the country after the official sources.

(Read: HP is the stronger is great always.

B-tourists as Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan show their votes to "PK".  The Supreme Court has also rejected a plea for a development "se" content of pendelhub Aamir Khan film PK, if you do not contained in the film.

(Note: High Court, she has nothing degrading in PC)

With these and many other things can happen in the film is still there may be more "HP's" track.


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casting networks,  at our Agency CastingMind, we have casting networks with may production house and Individual Casting Director, casting networks its extremely important for every Casting or models Agency , castingmind has good casting networks in India , specially in Mumbai and Delhi, casting networks its not more than link with industry , as a talent, casting networks its absolutely necessary ,  strapping  casting networks its important to talent hunter as well as talents  


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