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Bollywood is an indian name for the entire film culture of India, cinema of India. For the shafts are located under (shaft) is the Hindi film Industry in Mumbai (Bombay), Maharashtra, India. The concept of "data base" is often incorrectly used for the whole of the ocean movie theaters, but it is only a part of the India film, that other factories produce films in several languages. Is the largest producer in India and one of the main centers for the production of films of the world?

It is also officially as Hindi cinema.There is a growing presence of the ocean English dialog and songs. It often happens that films in English words with Dialog (also known as hinglish" was filmed), phrases or entire sentences.

The name of "if" is derived from Bombay (the former name for Mumbai) and Hollywood, the center of the American film industry.  However, unlike Hollywood, if it does not exist, as a physical place. Although some regretted the name, with the argument that it makes the industry look like a poor relative, Hollywood, he presented his own entry to Oxford English Dictionary.


The name of “is inspired by "tollywood", the name, which has been used for the cinema of the West search. Date of 1932, "tollywood", has been the most Hollywood-style NAME, referring to the film production in bengalische tollygunge, Calcutta, whose name recalls "Hollywood" and has been the center of the cinema at the time of India. It is this "chance nebeneinanderstellung of two couples to do that", holly and tolly" which has had the effect that the mischwesen between the name "tollywood", mark. the name "tollywood", has to be used as a nickname for the film industry by the bengalische popular Calcutta residents junior statesman jugendmagazin, the creation of a precedent for other industries film to use the name even more, fact finally that the notion of "if" brand.Is more the proverb tollywood is now used is the film industry Telugu in Andhra Pradesh. The concept of "will" itself has its origins in 1970, that India has America as the world's largest producer. Credit to the notion of several persons, including the texture, filmmaker and scientific 'khanna" and the journalist bevinda collaco.

Raja harishchandra (1913), of dadasaheb phalke, is known as one of the first "silent film produced in India. The 1930er years, were the industry manufactured more than 200 films a year. The Indian ton film first, the Iranian his efforts Alam ARA (1931), has been a great commercial success. There has obviously been a huge market for and of the musicals, and all regional is quickly changing, thy films.


The 1930er and 1940er years, can Times: India has been shaken by the great depression, the Second World War, the Indian liberation and the violence of J. Most films have been no embarrassment in this respect, but there have been a number of filmmakers, the rhythms the issues of society, or used for the fight for independence India as a backdrop for their plots.


1937, Iranian his efforts, the glory Alam ARA, the first color film in Hindi, kisan kanya. For the next year, he recalled another color film, a version of Mother India. The color has not been to an expensive function until the end 1950 years. At this time, strong and romance musicals melodramen SYNTHETIC were the courts to the cinema.

At the end 1960 and 1970 years early, liebesfilme AND ACTION MOVIES A Michelin-Stern excellent actors like rajesh Khanna, dharmendra, sanjeev Naidu and they shashi kapoor as Sharmila Dhun, carrier Tagore, Mumtaz and asha parekh. In the middle of 1970, romanticism verziertes confectionery, grieselig, violent gangster movies (see INDIAN mafia) and bandits. Amitabh Bachchan, the star known for his "angry Young On" WOUND, with the armorial bearings of this trend with actors like mithun Chakraborty, anil Kapoor and sunny Deol, until the early 1990 years. They contain of this period HEMA malini, Jaya bachchan and Rekha.

Some Hindi filmmaker as benegal and more realistic for the parallel production Cinema in 1970, case with mani, shahani Naidu, Ketan Mehta, Govind nihalani and vijaya Mehta. However, the "film" elsewhere the film Finance Corporation has, to the critic in a committee for the public enterprises survey in 1976, the accused the body does not make enough, the commercial cinemas. The 1970 years was therefore the increase of the cinema sustainable trade in the form of films like sholay (1975), solidified waste Amitabh Bachchan's Position as actors. THE Squeaky Fromme Classic JAI santoshi notified has also been in 1975. Another film of the year 1975, was deewar, staging: Yash Chopra and written by Salim-Javed. A crime film for "an officer against his brother, leader of a course on the basis of Real-Life MARKS OF THE mastan", presented by Amitabh Bachchan, it was described as an "absolutely essential to the Indian cinema" of sentence Boyle. Most of the Hindi film known at the international level of 1980 years was Mira Madrid's SALAAM Bombay! (1988), has won the Camera d'or 1988 Cannes Film Festival and has been nominated for an Academy Award" for the best film languages.

Lagaan has been named the best languages FILM ON THE 74. Academy Award" appointments discount prices.

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During the late 1980 and early 1990-years, the pendulum is previous flap in the direction family-romance musicals geared toward the success of films like qayamat se qayamat tak (1988), maine of pyar (1989), DIL (1990), hum aapke HAS legitimate means (1994) and dilwale dulhania the jayenge (1995), making stars of the new generation of actors (as Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and one Shahrukh Khan) and they (like sridevi, madhuri dixit, juhi), Chawla and kajol) . on this point of the time, action and comedy movies products with success, with as actors like Govinda and they raveena Tandon and Karisma-kapoor appears in the expensive comedy movies, actors and parliamentary or Naidu always more for the implementation of dangerous stunts of films in its action known khiladi (filmreihe) and other action films.  In addition, of the decade marks the entry of new independent artists in programmkinos and movies, including some in the trade is managed to the example Satya einflussreichste (1998), governed: Ram gopal Varma stay and writes of anurag kashyap. The critical and commercial success of Satya-led to the creation of a separate genre known as Bombay black, Urban films reflect the social problems in the city Mumbai. This has led to a resurgence of the parallel Cinema until the end of the decade. These films often actors like Nana patekar, Manoj bajpai, kotecha manisha prolong, taboo and urmila matondkar, whose appearances have been generally high they.


The 2000er years foresaw a growth of the popularity is in the world. All this has led, that the nation, in new heights film in terms of quality, kinematografie and innovative story lines that the technical progress in specific areas such as for example.effects, animations, and so on. Some of larger production houses, whose dharma yash raj films and productions, the producers of films new modern. some popular films have been the decade koi Mil gaya (2003) by Ho Ho naa (2003), marleen Gorris talk (2004) called Dhoom (2004), hum on (2004) called Dhoom 2 (2006), krrish (2006), and we met with jab (2007).  These Films of actors already established. HOWEVER, THAT THE Mid-2000s, has developed a new generation of players as unpopular hrithik roshan, Saif Ali Khan, - Kapoor, and managers Abhishek Bachchan, as well as a new generation of Dear as they rani mukerji, preity zinta, large RAI, kareena Kapoor and priyanka Chopra.


In the years 2010er established of the early players such as Salman Khan, and or Naidu has been known for the big-budget masala clubs as dabangg and Rathore according to them by report to the young as sonakshi Sinha. These films were often is not critical if , but often major commercial successes. While most of the stars of 2000er years placed the success of their career in the next ten years of 2010er years was also the access of new actors, such as HARVESTING OF RIGHT Kapoor, businesses Khan, ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor, and as they vidya Balan, Katrina kaif, Deepika padukone, anushka Sharma and parineeti Chopra.


The Hindi film has privileged films, all segments of the public (see the discussion in ganti, ganto, 2004, cited in Reference), and y is opposed to what i films, in close public. It is understood that for a wide range maximize, box office revenues. However, filmmaker can, to a few "box-office segmentation, between the films, for Indians of the rural world, and films, urban areas and American public.


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