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Look beyond Bollywood

For the rest of the world, is the face of the ocean cinemas. But the countries least known of the regional centers of the film industry, as kollywood and tollywood, are today the new products in the industry.

In total, the Indian cinema, with an increase of some 11.5 per cent over a period of five years, to rs193bn ($ 3.1bn) OF 2017, after a he-KPMG-report, on the back of a growing middle class and construction projects of terms-cinema.

Attracted by the growth of the sector potential international studios such as Fox, Disney, Warner Brothers and Viacom, in the last ten years a foot in if, Hindi film industry. The result has been tie-ups with little Indian produktionshäuser, establishment of the divisions such as Star Fox Studios, Disney and Viacom have 18 in 2013, foreign studios have been behind the half of the ten films is -better in India. Disney's Chennai have reached the record blunted express is financially more successful film in August 2013, before the suffer, of indigenous productions and called Dhoom 3 krrish 3.

This year foreign studios have for objective to achieve, on the regional markets including marathi Cinema, Tamil film market's kollywood and tollywood, in Andhra Pradesh. Combined, these regional markets represent more than half of the Indian film industry the turnover. Just as the fact that it is relatively a regional market films is less expensive. The average cost of the manufacturing of Hindi films is more than rs150m, compared to a Marathi or Punjabi title/movie/production, the costs between the rs10-40m.

Disney and have Fox Star studios increase their presence in the south of India, or the turnover of the film industry, according to the estimates südindischen rs26.8bn in 2013, after a he-report Deloitte. It is to be expected that the market develops more than 12 per cent between 2013-17 TO REACH rs42.2 billion Euros.

Leena jaisani, senior director, director of media and the maintenance on the competent trade he said: "South is fiebrig, each language, the question is specific have its own movies. The studios in this instance, for a certain period of time, it makes them attractive, domestic and international investors, and they are known for their high level of competence, particularly in the industries the effects, through high-tech -hubs such as Bangalore, are nearby."

Disney have referred, that the four Tamil film in 2014, a last year, and the first film or Telugu, the regional authorities film Star mahesh babu. But, according to dhananjayan govind, boss of Disney have's South Indian Division, another strategy is needed in the region. Rather than purchase Indian production companies, the studio, the films or co-occurs with different directors and producers.

"It is not from today to tomorrow. Given that we have a studio in Chennai in 2010, we have a step-to-step approach in the south of the country. Sometimes more SE. It is not of rapid increase in the number of films produced or released, to establish relations in the industry and the talent to work with us," said Gobind.

Is not yet developed in India the regional markets represent a danger, even on global scale studios, today its headquarters to. The South Indian film industry is highly dependent on revenue box office, the 70 per cent of the profits, while Hindi films are only 40-45 per cent CONDITIONAL ticket sales national. "If films are underway in the cinema houses for a few weeks, at most, which makes the higher risks in the south", said Gobind. This risk is aggravated by the lack of diversification toward other sources of income, such as for example. Satellite rights.

In addition, in comparison with films Hindi, the overseas market regional recipes of films are however low. According to the British Film Institute, 44 films in Hindi total pounds 13.8m in the United Kingdom in 2012, compared to 50 ARE NOT-Indian movies Hindi, the year, which 1.9m pounds sterling in total.

But perhaps the risks that the regional markets are worth. Tamil, Bengali, Marathi films are known for their creative content, innovative marketing and the stage director’s situation.


Ashanti omkar, India cinema does to Cineworld cinemas and is EXPERT IN RELATION TO BBC London, said: "a lot of success if "the past five years have been remakes of theaters in the south, and it was a natural development for the tastes of Disney, dependency and EROS to discover in the industry."

It seems only a matter of time, to foreign studios come knocking at the door of Marathi, very good English filmmaker and bengalische.


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