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Shah Rukh Khan is equivalent to shoot at Marine Drive after 23 years

Shah Rukh Khan, who is originally from New Delhi, was always enamoure on Marine Drive in Mumbai. As the venue, many people will be taken by the beautiful sea. 

Very early in his career, for his first film DEEWANA, had fired at the paseo marina walk. However, after 23 years Shah Rukh has had the opportunity to get to the same importance for YRF led by fan , Maneesh Sharma, the memories have returned to the.

Recalls his days TURNING i could go on hold , the basking shark in the sea breeze until the next Tir would be willing. However, this time it was intense security to ensure the adoption of vista ran smoothly and does not create of agitation. There are many amateurs, which has  obtained to know - that is filming and hence after each outlet, was inaugurated in the vanity van.

They began to shoot for 6 hours at a stretch and Shah Rukh was interested in being but was aware of the fact that only serve to complicate the process more difficult for the crew. He referred to his team how you can feel the atmosphere and the pulse of the city here and was endlessly recount their first few days of turning. Everyone was around to hear the stories of his travels and how Mumbai was back then.