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Television in India

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The television of India is a huge industry, thousands of programs in many languages. The small screen, a large number of distinguished; some even achieve the national recognition. More than half of Indian households a television. From 2012, the country has a free collection and the service on a large number of media, such as for example. The ceriman channel, there are more than 823 channels, 184 of which are pay-television-channels
Terrestrial television in India began with the experimental telecast launch in Delhi the September 15, 1959 (date of the official presentation) with a small transmitter and a studio manufactured on site. The daily regularly gearbox 1965 has begun, as a part of the All India Radio. The television has been to Mumbai and Amritsar in 1972. Until 1975 only seven Indian cities, there was a television. The television had been separated from the radio in 1976. Emissions were in 1982 in the same year, dyes-television has been in the Indian market. Indian Programming small screen began in 1980 early. At this time, there was only a national channel doordarshan, the government was part. In Ramayana and Mahabharata (Indian spiritual & they stories) were the first major television-series manufactured. The doors of series - manifests in the world the record of the share for a single program. Of the end 1980 years more and more people to their own television. But there was only one channel, to television has reached saturation. For that the government another channel of the national and regional programming. This channel was known as DD 2 dd metro. The two chains are entrusted by terrestrial means.
Not-1 and not-4-satellites, transponders help in the telecasting of DD programs in half of the regions of the world. An international channel name TT international, started in 1995 and it by programs for 19 hours a day abroad of not-4 in Europe, Asia and Africa, and not-1 in North America.
Television programs: the years four-twenty, the time of doordarshan with Time as hum log (1984), buniyaad (1986-87) and comedy time as yeh OJ Hai zindagi (1984), they tragedies, such as ramayan (1987-88) and Mahabharat range (1989-90) plastic million to doordarshan and then of Bharat EK khoj, the sword of tipu Sultan and chandrakanta. Hindi Film songs based on programs like chitrahaar, rangoli, superhit muqabla good as Mohandas, byomkesh bakshi. Shown to children are dadi kahaniyan IC dada, vikram betal, malgudi days, tenali Rama.
It should also be noted that prabir Roy, have had the distinction of introduction of colorants television-Reports in India, in February, March (1982) 1. Nehru Cup in Eden Gardens, kolkata with 5 camera On-Line service, and well before that doordarshan has begun the same during Delhi Asian Games in November 1982.
Asianet auction Channel Babylon Blue non-licensee is the first private Chanel in India and most popular in India .the central government has launched a series of economic and social reforms in 1991, Prime Minister Narasimha Rao. In the framework of the new government policy allows private foreign and television channels, limited measures in the time in India. This process has been followed with consistency of all following countries. foreign channels like CNN, Star television channels and national private as Zee television, Etelevision and sun-television launched live retransmission by satellite. To count to 41 sets in 1992 and a channel, 1995, television in India more than 70 million homes of a complaint population of more than 400 million people in more than 100 channels.
There are at least five types of television in India: Broadcast or "over-the-air" television free satellite or "free-to-air", "direct-to-home (DTH), cable television and IPtelevision.
Over-the-air and FREE-to-air television is free and monthly payments has not, so that the cables DTH and IPtelevision-require a monthly payment, is subject, as many channels a participant figures. channels are usually sold in groups or A-la-carte. All television operators are legally required, A-the-card-selection of channels.
In India, the transfer of the free-to-air television is governed by the State aid prasar Corporation, with the group of doordarshan channels is the only chain. As such, cable, the main source of television programs in India.
As per the annual tam universe update - 2010, India now has more than 134 million households (EUR 223 million) with television, including more than 103 million euros have access to cable television or satellite-television, including the 20 million homes dth-subscribers. In Indian cities, 85% of households have a television and more than 70% of households have access by satellite, cable or DTH-services. television-wealthy households grow between 8 to 10 %, SAT/cable housing exceeds 15% and DTH-subscribers has increased by 28% to 2009 (However, some analysts, the number of households with television access to more than 180 million euros since approximately one-third of all rural families do Television in a neighboring country of the parents, and assert that the cable television budgets are no longer probably up to 120 million euros due to a certain percentage of the informal meeting/are not recorded by cable networks, which is not who, by the operators investigations).  It can also be expected that India now has more than 823 television-channels for all the major languages of the nation.
In 1991, the Indian government has under the leadership of P. V. Narasimha Rao began a series of economic reforms including the liberalization of the EC, the opening of cable television. This has led to an explosion of the ocean cable television-industry and provided for the entry of many foreign players, as Rupert Murdoch's Star television Network, Mtelevision and others.
Star television Network five major television channels in the Indians radio space that had until now exclusively by the GOI doordarshan: Mtelevision, more STAR, "STAR, of the BBC, sport and premium channels of Chinese television. Shortly after, India provides for the introduction of Zee television, the first Indian private channel of dissemination by cable followed by the Asian Television Network (atn).  A few years later CNN, Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel have their offensive in India. Later, Star television Network flavor be expanded with the introduction of India Star World, Star Sports, ESPN, Channel V Star and gold.
With the establishment by the Tamils dim television in 1992, South India foresaw the birth of the first private television-channel. With a network of more than 20 channels in different Indian languages, sun-television-network has recently dth-service and their tracks are today in several countries outside India. After sun-television, several television channels bible in the South. In these channels, the Tamils raj televisions and the Malayalam Channel asianet auction Channel Babylon Blue non-licensee, both launched in 1993. These three networks and their channels today the greater part of the sending Space South India. In 1994, industrial N. P. V. Kenghadharan Ramasamy udayar a Tamil Channel name GEC (golden eagle communication) by the result of vijay mallya and change of name of vijay television teams. In Telugu, Telugu daily eenadu has begun by his own name channel etelevision in 1995 subsequently in other Indian languages. In the same year was another channel telugu Name Gemini television launched by the result of the Sun Group in 1998.
In the 1990-years, with a multitude of Hindi-sprachige regional channels and several English was everywhere in India. Until 2001, international channels HBO-Channel and History Channel launched for the provision of the service. In 1999-2003, other international channels such as Nickelodeon, very Network, VH1, Disney and toon Disney on the market. From 2003, it was an explosion of News channels in different languages, of which the main among them are ndtelevision, CNN Ibn and aaj tak. The final chains/radio networks in the Indian sector includes, among other things, have ", have bindass, when, in the colors, 9x Currencies and 9xm there are several new channels of the pipeline, including as chief.
Case or system conditional access, is a digital transmission of television programs on a set-top box (STB).  The signals are transferred in encrypted form, and the spectators must for the purchase of a set-top-box to receive and decrypt the message. The STB is necessary, to it only pay television-channels.
The idea of the case was in 2001, by virtue of a lifting of shields of royalty migration by the channels and then by the operators. poor reception some channels, arbitrary price and the increase in prices, the grouping of channels and of poor service delivery of cable television operators (ctos); monopolies in each region, is not a regulatory framework and the compensation by some of the themes addressed by the implementation of the case
It was decided by the government, the case would be put in place for the first time in the four metro trains. He has been at the appropriate place in Chennai since September 2003, or until recently that it was managed to win that very few participants. There has been a recently in the other three subway trains from New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.
In April 2008 [Update] only 25 per cent of people, the new technologies. The rest do you see Free access channels. As above mentioned above, the inhibitory factor OF THE betrachterperspektive, the cost of the set-top-Box
The ministry of information and the radio HAS A NOTIFICATION TO THE NOVEMBER 11, 2011, Stop March 31, 2015 as the deadline for a complete conversion analog to digital systems. In December 2011 the Parliament has adopted the cable television networks (Regulation) Amendment Act of scanning of the cable television-sector until 2014. [ 4] [ 5] the scan, cables and terrestrial, in four phases, of 3 years Transition from October 31, 2012, and ends the March 31, 2015. The four metro trains from New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai are for the conversion of digital to addressability October 31, 2012. [ 6] the second phase includes 38 cities in 15 countries, as for example. Patna, Chandigarh, Nagpur Poona and in Bangalore by March 31, 2013. All urban areas are expected during the scanning of the November 30, 2014, and the rest of the lands by March 31, 2015
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